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Why Use CMI?
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Why Use CMI? The answer is simple!

Control Masters, Inc. (CMI) is a privately held company founded and incorporated in the state of Florida in 1985. CMI was founded with one purpose in mind:  "To provide our customers with the absolute highest quality and most professional service in our field."

Since then, CMI has been providing unparalleled service and technical expertise for our customers. We don't just make promises at CMI, we deliver beyond your expectations!

Just a few reasons to use CMI:

  • Proven record of superior quality!

  • Getting the job done right the first time saves you money!

  • "Iron-Clad" full 1 year warranty on repairs!

  • Cutting-edge products, technologies and much more!

Our Qualifications

Any company can tell you they're the best in their field . . . frankly, that's what you would expect. Often, it's just a lot of "hot air" with nothing to back it up. What really speaks volumes about the quality of a company's service is when major manufacturers choose that company as their "Authorized Repair Facility."

You see, top manufacturers simply cannot afford to have their products performing below standard, it reflects poorly on their entire company. These manufacturers choose Authorized Repair Facilities very carefully to ensure that their good name is protected. CMI has had the honor of being recognized by not one, but several top manufacturers as an Authorized Repair Facility. When their good name is on the line, they choose CMI - shouldn't you?


  • CMI earned the distinction of being the first Factory Authorized Service Center for Marotta Scientific Controls for Navy applications!
  • CMI is an Authorized Repair Facility for Morpac Industries, Inc. and Morgan Seattle electric valve operators!
  • CMI is also the Factory Authorized East Coast Dealer for Rexroth/Wabco Pneumatic Marine Controls!

With decades of combined expertise "in house" and factory trained technicians, you can rest assured that any repair you have done at CMI will be done right the first time, and meet the stringent performance standards that you've come to expect from these top manufacturers! (Back To Top)

Our Guarantee

At CMI, we guarantee all of our work! "Class A" overhauls are guaranteed in writing for a FULL YEAR! Less extensive repairs and technical services are also guaranteed to be done right . . . period! We test and retest everything we do, however, in the extremely rare case that you do have a problem with any work we've done, we will respond immediately and we'll fix it free of charge, no questions asked and no hassles - fair enough? (Back To Top)

     Our Facility (See Photos Below)

With the tremendous growth CMI experienced during it's first 7 years, by 1992 it was time to expand. Instead of simply renting a larger building, CMI built a new, state of the art repair facility that was specifically designed to maximize our repair capabilities. This facility is probably much different than what you're accustomed to seeing! We've taken exhaustive steps to ensure that your repair is to the highest quality standards possible!

When an item comes in for overhaul, our "rough" cleaning is all done in an isolated area of our building, then it goes to our final cleaning area. By the time your component is ready to be rebuilt, it will arrive in our spotless "clean room" like environment to ensure that you never need to worry about the contamination that can be introduced in shops that don't take these extra steps.

Our shop is equipped with the latest precision repair/test equipment and technical information to reduce costly down time and ensure the final product performs like it did right from the factory! Our primary location in Northeast Florida, along with our tech reps in other areas, allows us to conveniently service customers all over the East Coast.

Here are a few pictures of our shop! (click to enlarge) (Back To Top)

Control_Shop1.jpg (40597 bytes)
Controls Shop

Control_Shop2.jpg (31399 bytes)
Controls Shop
Cleaning_Area.jpg (18865 bytes)
Cleaning Area
Governor_Shop1.jpg (26206 bytes)
Governor Shop
Governor_Shop2.jpg (25713 bytes)
Governor Shop
Governor_Stand.jpg (18157 bytes)
Governor Test Stand

Online Privacy Statement

Control Masters Marine Systems does not collect any personal data on persons visiting this website.  If you choose to contact us through e-mail or by submitting forms, the information you provide will only be used for fulfilling those requests. Your information will not be given or sold to any other companies or individuals.

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