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ZF Mathers Pneumatic Controls
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ZF Mathers Pneumatic Controls Sequence Speed, Clutch and ShaftBrakes™ for Safe Fast Maneuvering!


  • Maneuvering Speed

  • Maneuvering Safety

  • Engine Life


  • Clutch and Gear Load

  • Transmission Maintenance

ZF Mathers Pneumatic System Diagram
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ZF Mathers pneumatic control systems sequence speed, clutch (and shaft brakes) to ensure the safest, shortest possible timing for each maneuver for high-performance workboats.

Mathers_Pneumatic_Diagram.jpg (63645 bytes)

ZF Mathers Pneumatic System Options

The current generation AD12 and AD14 systems are the latest evolution of ZF Mathers Pneumatic Controls - the ultimate in pneumatics with decades of control system knowledge built into these systems! Both the AD12 and the AD14 offer options for any configuration you need.

ZF Mathers control stations can command your choice of:

  • Mechanical or pneumatic remote control

  • Hydraulic or pneumatic clutches

  • Mechanically or pneumatically operated governors

NOTE: ZF Mathers Pneumatic Controls are also compact for easy retrofits and easily integrate with existing governors, remote controls and shaft brakes!

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Which System is Right For You?

AD12 - On big, powerful workhorse vessels with reduction gears and 500 to 10,000 horsepower diesel engines, the AD12 makes quick maneuvers a breeze!

AD14 shares many AD12 features but is designed for vessels with diesel engines in the 700 horsepower or less range. AD14 is also more compact, perfect for retrofits!

AD12 Pneumatic Propulsion Control System

For high-performance workboats with reverse reduction gears
and diesel engines in the 500 to 10,00 horsepower range. 

With the AD12 in action, these vessels not only perform better, but optimally. The system's reliable sequencing, timing and positioning not only ensure more efficient maneuvering but contribute to reduced clutch and gear load, reduced transmission maintenance and longer engine life.

The AD12 system features include:

  • Neutral delay (clutches disengaged and speed at idle) that automatically adjusts its duration according to the vessels speed

  • An adjustable speed interrupt following clutch shift

  • A speed boost (small increase in idle RPM prior to clutch engagement) if needed to keep the engine from stalling under load

  • Timing controlled with fixed orifices

  • Timing for proper control of propeller shaft brakes

  • Manifold-mounted components

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AD14 Pneumatic Propulsion Control System

For vessels with diesel engines in the 700 horsepower, or less range. 

The AD14 shares many of the AD12 features but is specifically intended for vessels with diesel engines in the 700 horsepower or less range. Because these engines are smaller and quicker to respond to load changes, two ADS14 features are different than the AD12: The neutral delay is fixed, not proportional, and there is no speed boost.

A model of simplicity, the AD14 features a compact size and few components, all of which are manifold-mounted. AD14 is an ideal choice for retrofit project; it can be installed directly onto any existing pneumatic system and is an ideal timing mechanism for shaft brakes.

The AD14 system features include:

  • Compact design (perfect for retrofits)

  • Neutral Delay (fixed duration)

  • An adjustable speed interrupt following clutch shift

  • Timing controlled with fixed orifices

  • Timing for proper control of propeller shaft brakes

  • Manifold-mounted components

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Control Head Options

The ZF Mathers Pneumatic Control Heads come in several variations and sizes. A few of the most common and the associated air control ranges are listed here. Contact us for a full list of options and service kits for these controls!

ZF Mathers Pneumatic Control Head Options
Part Number Pneumatic Air Control Range Indicator Ring
CH5-5400-05 10-70 PSI No
CH5-5400-06 30-70 PSI No
CH5-5400-07 10-60 PSI No
CH5-5400-15 10-70 PSI Yes
CH5-5400-16 30-70 PSI Yes
CH5-5400-17 10-60 PSI Yes
ZF Mathers CH5 Control Head Repair Kits
Repair Kit Number Description
CH5-5402 Overhaul Kit, updates CH5-3400
CH5-5405 Service Kit for CH5-5400 series
CH5-5406 Overhaul Kit for CH5-5400 series

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For Maximum Performance, ZF Mathers Disc-Type ShaftBrake™ Provides Significant Advantages During Heavy Maneuvering!

  • Quicker Maneuvering Times

  • Added Clutch and Gear Life

  • Reduced High Speed Maneuver Stalls

  • Better Performance/Less Cost Compared to Drum Brakes

Try the complete ZF Mathers line for the absolute MAXIMUM
performance and maintenance cost savings!

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