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ZF Mathers ShaftBrake™
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"ZF Mathers Disc-Type ShaftBrake™ is a Must
when using engines over 500 horsepower
and reduction ratios of 4:1 or greater"

ShaftBrake™ Benefits Include:

  • Faster, Safer Maneuvering!

  • Longer Gear and Clutch Life!

  • Easier to Install than Drum Brakes!

  • Higher Performance than Drums!

  • Lower Maintenance Costs!

  • Full Integration with Pneumatic or Electronic Systems!

The illustration to the right shows the clean powerful design of the ZF Mathers ShaftBrake™
(Click image to view a detailed diagram)

ZF Mathers ShaftBrake™ uses hydraulic actuated calipers which are self-adjusting and spring retracting to alleviate unnecessary pad wear. ShaftBrake™ is much easier and less expensive to maintain while providing maximum gear and clutch protection, and the fastest maneuvering possible (especially when used with ZF Mathers Propulsion Controls) for boats requiring heavy maneuvering capabilities.

ZF Mathers ShaftBrake™ is Perfect For:

  • Tugs and Pushboats

  • Vehicle and Passenger Ferries

  • Fishing and Supply Vessels

  • with Pneumatic or Electronic Controls!

ZF Mathers ShaftBrake™ Information:

ZF Mathers ShaftBrake™ Benefits:

Reduces Vessel Maneuvering Time - A vessel will slow faster with a stopped propeller. This allows the operator to effect changes in speed and direction faster - a distinct advantage in tight maneuvers. ShaftBrake™ can stop a propeller shaft from full speed in just 2-5 seconds!

Added Life for Reduction Gears and Clutches - ShaftBrakes™ stop the propeller shaft with every change of direction, automatically. ShaftBrakes™ absorb the load which would normally be transmitted to the engaged clutch, thus extending clutch life.

Prevents Engine Stall - Certain types of marine engines tend to stall during high speed maneuvers or emergency reversals. When used with ZF Mathers Propulsion Controls, ZF Mathers ShaftBrake™ can prevent that from happening.

Easier and Less Expensive to Service than Drum Brakes - Both installation and servicing are easier. ShaftBrake™ self-adjusting spring retracting calipers reduce pad wear, and when they do finally wear out, calipers can be relined for considerably less cost than can drum brake components. Also, calipers do not have boots which are costly to replace on drum brakes.

For Maximum Benefit, ZF Mathers Propulsion Controls are Recommended for Use With ShaftBrake™!

Who Uses ZF Mathers ShaftBrakes™?

"Mathers ShaftBrakes are easy to install, built to last, and are maintenance free."

Ed McEvoy
Port Engineer
Western Towboat Inc.
Seattle, Washington


"As a distributor here in Singapore, we give our engine and shipyard customers many things. After-sales support and trouble shooting - of which there is very little with Mathers ShaftBrakes.

We do not have any problems with Mathers ShaftBrakes - they are the right stuff for our market."

Steven Wee
Mammoth Enterprises


Just a few Mathers ShaftBrake™ Clients
Alaskan Marine Highways
Bisso Towboat Co.
Bouchard Transportation Co. Brusco Towboat Co.
Campbell Towing Company Coos Bay Pilots
Crowley Maritime Corporation Delta Marine Industries
Edison Chouest Offshore Foss Launch & Tug
Guidry Brothers Hawaiian Tug and Barge
Manson Construction Co. Samson Tug and Barge
Sause Brothers Ocean Towing Tidewater Barge Lines
Tidewater Marine Service Tyson Seafoods
US Army Corps of Engineers Washington State Ferries
Western Pioneer Lines Western Towboat Co.

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