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Kobelt Marine Engine Controls
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Kobelt Quality Steering Systems and Marine Engine Controls

Why choose Kobelt?

  • Heavy Duty Construction

  • Lower Maintenance Costs

  • Highest Quality Materials

  • Dependable and Reliable

Kobelt Products and Applications

Kobelt products include mechanical, electronic, and pneumatic engine controls, shaft brakes, steering systems, and specialized products for both Power and Sail. (Show Me The Products!)

Kobelt Products and Applications

Kobelt Steering Systems

Kobelt Manufacturing produces three different Helm Pumps which are made from bronze and stainless steel with the exception of bearings and pistons. With their durable materials and watertight construction these Helm Pumps can be installed in any location on your vessel. Kobelt offers a Tilt Steering System that provides 5 locking positions at 10° increments with a total rotation of 50°.

Kobelt Steering Cylinders range from 1.5” I.D. to 10” I.D. They have cylinders to fit any application.

Kobelt also manufactures Hydraulic Power Packs, Starter Panels, Outboard Motor Hydraulic Steering Systems, Rudder Angle Feedback Units, as well as may other onboard components.

Kobelt Push-Pull Controls

All of Kobelt's Mechanical Push Pull Controls are made from die cast bronze with stainless steel hardware. Kobelt has Push Pull Controls for single, dual, or multi-engine applications. Various options and styles are available.

Kobelt Disc Shaft Brakes

Kobelt Manufacturing has been designing and manufacturing Disc Shaft Brake Systems for over 30 years. Kobelt Brake Systems are being used worldwide on various applications, such as:

  • Aerospace

  • Cable Spooling Reels

  • Cable Trams

  • Chair Lifts

  • Conveyor Belt Systems

  • Draw Work Disc Brakes, both on Land and Off-Shore

  • Drill Ship Anchor Handling

  • Hoists

  • Industrial Equipment

  • Pipe Laying Barges

  • Propellor Shaft Brakes from 40 to 50,000 HP

  • Railroad Equipment

  • Wind Generators

Kobelt Electronic Engine Controls

Kobelt offers a wide selection of Electronic Engine Controls in both twin and single engine configurations. They use die cast bronze components and stainless steel hardware. Kobelt's Digital Microprocessor offers the latest in digital technology and can be programmed by hand or with a laptop computer. The unit is encased in a non-corrosive bronze housing with watertight connectors. It can handle up to 3 engines, 2 throttles, 2 clutches, and 2 trolling valves with synchronizers. Kobelts Control Heads are recognized for their rugged craftmanship, durability, and functional beauty.

Kobelt Pneumatic Engine Controls

Kobelt offers a wide variety of Pneumatic Engine Controls. The control heads are available in Polished Brass, Polished Crome, and Black Epoxy, with many configuration options and sizes. Kobelt Pneumatic Controls can be used in almost any marine application.

We stock Kobelt Pneumatic Controls repair kits to reduce customer downtime!

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