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"CMI's State-of-the-Art Facility and Expert
Technicians Get You Back Online FAST!"

woodward governor repairs

What do you get when you use CMI?

  • Highly Trained/Experienced Technicians!

  • OEM Precision Test Equipment!

  • Fast-response and accurate repairs!

  • Proven record of superior quality!

  • "Iron-Clad" 1 year warranty on overhauls!

Why take chances? When you need it right now AND you
need it done right - CMI's Repair Service is the ONLY choice!

Tech Rep Service

CMI's expert technicians are standing by for your on-site Tech Rep needs. Covering the entire East Coast, we offer very reasonable rates for performing operational tests, diagnosing problems, and any other assistance required for:
  • Control Valves
  • Valve Actuators and Controllers
  • Reducing Manifolds
  • Relief Valves
  • Boat Control Systems 
  • and many other control systems and valves.

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In-Shop Overhaul

At CMI, we offer a wide range of options for repair and service of control systems, valves, governors and more. Our most popular repair is the full "Class A" overhaul which returns your component to "like new" performance!

Class A Overhauls (complete overhaul) Include:

  • Complete teardown and inspection of ALL parts (including the normal wear items as well as the "hard" parts that many other companies may overlook)
  • Thorough cleaning and re-inspection of parts
  • Replacement of all required parts
  • Careful reassembly to factory specs
  • Thorough operational tests to ensure factory design performance
  • and one final inspection before it leaves our shop!
Operational Repair (diagnosis and repair for a specific problem):
  • Component is tested in the condition it was received to diagnose the problem
  • Parts requiring disassembly are disassembled, cleaned and inspected
  • Replacement of any required parts and/or adjustments made
  • Careful reassembly
  • Thorough operational tests to ensure repair performs to factory specs
  • and one final inspection before it leaves our shop!
Whether it's a Class A overhaul, or an operational repair, we take pride in everything we do, and you can rest assured that you will get the highest level of quality, performance and professionalism from CMI - guaranteed!  (Back To Top)

On Site Grooming/Repair

At CMI, we offer a wide range of options for on-site repair and service of control systems, valves, governors and more. One of our most popular options is the on-site "Grooming" as we call it. On-Site Grooming saves you money, time and headaches with minimal downtime!

On-Site "Grooming" by an Expert Technician Includes:

  • On-Site visual inspection of component
  • Local and remote (if applicable) operational testing of component to ensure it is operating within specs
  • Minor adjustments made if necessary at time of testing
  • Written condition and recommendation report for tested components
  • Written repair estimate to correct any deficiencies that are beyond the scope of the On-Site Grooming

On-Site Repair by an Expert Technician includes:

  • Visual and operational inspection of component to diagnose problem
  • Faulty component is removed and disassembled
  • Careful inspection of parts for damage and/or excessive wear
  • Faulty parts are replaced and component is reassembled with new seals and gaskets
  • Component is thoroughly tested for proper operation
Whether it's a simple On-Site Grooming or an On-Site Repair, having the work done on-site can save you time and money by reducing downtime!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Some repairs simply cannot be performed effectively on-site. If you have a major repair that needs to be done, please contact us to determine the best way to handle your specific repair need. (Back To Top)

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