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"WESMAR Sonars, Bow Thrusters, & Stabilizers - Hear What Others are Saying and You'll Know it's the Right Choice!"

At CMI we understand that when you lay down your hard earned cash you expect a product that delivers. CMI only recommends WESMAR for these applications because we know that WESMAR products will deliver
unparalleled performance, reliability, efficiency and value for you...after you see these testimonials, we think you'll agree!

WESMAR Bow Thruster Testimonials:

"The Vortex is one of the most powerful thrusters we've installed, and even with the added power it seems to be quieter than normal" - Greg Allen, Northwest Yacht Repair

"We installed the new Vortex on a 65-foot Hatteras” . . . “It performed perfectly, with power that was crushing the fenders during trails." - Joe LaFauci, Cable Marine

"The Vortex is the first bow thruster I've seen with the power to throw a rooster tail." - John Kennybrook, Cable Marine

"We've installed WESMAR thrusters for years and we're sold on them because they give us virtually no problems. We put a 12" counter-rotating dual prop Vortex system on the 57-foot MY Perfetto and the owner is very happy. He says he gets '16 knots sideways.' I recommend them." - Ray Young, Vic Franks Boat Company

“Other thrusters are like toys compared to WESMAR” . . . "WESMAR is well crafted and highly machined. They are beautiful thrusters” - Jim Monroe, Manager YEP, Ft. Lauderdale, Fl

“The WESMAR bow thruster works great.” “Thrust on the older unit was 120 pounds. With the Vortex model, we have 330 pounds of thrust. WESMAR should advertise the thrust! It’s impressive.” - Richard Chew, Cape Coral, Florida, Owner ‘Avalon’ - 42 foot 1984 classic Krogan.

“The bow thruster has greatly enhanced the maneuverability of the tug, allowing us to bid on jobs requiring close quarters handling and precision moves.” - Captain Latham Smith, owner of Smith Maritime.

"We routinely specify them now, and if the boats have a bow thruster it will be a WESMAR, because the WESMAR offers a lot more thrust.” - Doug Shupe, chief purchasing agent, SkipperLiner

“We like our bow thruster very much. We were concerned as to whether the electric unit would have the power necessary for this boat, but we are very pleased. I’m impressed with the construction on WESMAR’s thruster. It is heavier and more rugged than competitors I’ve seen. The install was smooth.” - Chuck Spriggs, 60 foot DeFever, Turtle II

"Installing the WESMAR Vortex was easy and performance was excellent. We recently installed it on a SeaRay 550 Sedan. During trials it responded quickly and snapped the bow immediately." - Paul Waite, Puget Sound Yachts

"The new Vortex works wonderfully. It definitely feels like it has more thrust and much more power." - Patrick Flannery, Burr Yacht Sales

"We pulled into our slip recently fighting nasty 40 mph winds. With the WESMAR Vortex, there was no anxiety about docking." - Branch Hendrix, Owner, MY Too Many Options (55 SeaRay Sedan)

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WESMAR DC PRO Thruster Motor Testimonials:

The new WESMAR thruster [with DC PRO Motor] made a believer out of me. It has more than enough power and more importantly can be used indefinitely -- no 20 or 30 second run time limits." - Capt. Joe O'Steen

"The DC PRO is a very nice, high quality piece of gear." - Bill Hartse, Hartse Marine

“We even used the existing tunnel and prop and only had to replace the joystick and put in the new 23-HP motor. We didn’t even have to pull the boat.” - Captain Craig Rutkae

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WESMAR Roll Fin Stabilizer Testimonials:

“My wife and I spend the winters on the yacht cruising…we’ve traveled in a lot of 6 to 8-foot seas and they can get to 12-foot on the beam with water on the side deck…It’s incredible how the stabilizers flatten out the boat…The performance is really amazing…(This Boat) Now Drives Like a Car” - Hans Leerink, Owner, 48 Foot Hatteras Long-Range Cruiser MV Dutch Master

“The boat is a tall trawler that rolled like a barrel before the stabilizers were installed. That has all changed now. Instead of everything hopping around, we cross smoothly, taking the 4 to 6 foot beam swells in total comfort...This is a totally different boat with the stabilizers” - Larry Roff

"Stabilizers greatly improve the ride and the experience. Without the stabilizers we would just take things off the shelves, hold on, and grab our glasses. With the stabilizers that problem is gone.” - Richard Chew, Cape Coral, Florida, Owner ‘Avalon’ - 42 foot 1984 classic Krogan

“No one wanted to sell me an upgrade package. And before talking to WESMAR the cheapest quote I got was $26,000. I saved over half with the WESMAR retrofit package...It is unbelievable; amazing…other manufacturers will only sell you a complete new stabilizer system. The retrofit package from WESMAR is definitely the way to go…I can tell you, once your wife has been on a boat with this stabilizer system she won’t ride without them.” - Pee Wee Erlbacher

“When WESMAR says the stabilizer is pre-set, you can take their word for it.” - Joe Lafauci, Cable Marine, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

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WESMAR Hull Mounted Sonar Testimonials:

“We entered port with 8,000 kilos of anchovy - pure gold. Our catch paid for the sonar in just 25 hours of fishing…I was astonished at the quality of this sonar” - Carlos Berasarte of Guipuzeoa, Spain

“Our WESMAR HD800 (110 kHz unit) makes fishing a lot easier…I have used several other sonars, and the WESMAR unit is definitely superior. The system simply has better detection capabilities. It picks up every available target. If something is down there, (WESMAR) sees it.” - Dave Irvine

“I caught 10,000 sockeye in one set…Our WESMAR sonar paid for itself in one day…We never would have even seen the school without the sonar…Our boat ended up with more than 16,000 pieces, for a total of 97,000 pounds of salmon…WESMAR made our season in one day.” - Nick Brajcich, veteran Canadian herring and salmon seiner

“If I could recommend any type of fishing equipment to a person, it would be the WESMAR sonar.” - Debbie Hyman, Owner Reel Eggsperience

“The definition of the HD800 is excellent. It can detect fish when the onboard echo sounder cannot. It can even detect fish ahead of the boat…I am currently building another pair of trawlers. Of course they will have WESMAR sonar onboard. It helps me pay for my new vessels faster!” - Mr. Wang Guo Xi, Fleet Manager, Dalian Kairun Fishing Company Ltd.

“The WESMAR sonar offers us the chance to catch fish we wouldn’t be able to because we wouldn’t see them…The HD800 is the fastest unit I have ever seen and the resolution is fabulous…We now have WESMAR sonars on four separate boats…We have been upgrading as the technology continues to advance because our captains have experienced so much success.” - Doug Ferrell

“Seventy percent of the blue fin we catch are found with WESMAR sonar.” – Lance Withee, Owner/Operator Sportfisher M/V Vagabond

“The features and definition of the HD800 is better than all other sonars I have known. At this rate I will be able to pay for my vessel very soon.” - Pui Kia

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WESMAR Trawl Sonar Testimonials:

Twelve captains were given the TCS770 to test in
the toughest conditions . . .the Bearing Sea!
Here's what some of them had to say:

"The TCS770 is way better than my old system. I can do it all: look forward, profile the net, and run the down sounder." - Captain Brian Styke, The Arctic Storm

"The TCS770 is working great. My favorite screen is where you profile the net and have the down sounder running all the time." - Captain Glenn Thill, The Highland Light

"You'll have to pry it out of my hands." - Captain Ray Moe, The Northern Glacier

"My favorite screen when Cod fishing is #6. Net profile on top, down sounder below. I adjust the zoom window down to the footrope. This gives me a close view of what's going in." - Captain Corky Decker, The Rebecca Irene

"The net profile picture is fantastic, scanning forward it is easy to spot my wings and doors." - Mate Gate Stephens, The Northern Glacier

"Screens 5 and 7 have become the screens of favor for me. The other day we were able to see some 4 fathom stacks at 200 fathoms ahead and get them in." - Captain Jack Bronson, The Great Pacific

"When Cod fishing, we use split screen, net profile with down sounder and the zoom window. It's great!" - Captain Dan Skauge, The Unimak

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WESMAR Side Scan Sonar Testimonial:

Richest American Treasure Found with
a WESMAR Side Scan Sonar!

When the SS Brother Jonathan, a wooden-hulled paddle steamer sank off the coast of Crescent City, CA in 1865, it was carrying among it's precious cargo 250 passengers and 1,207 gold coins.

After three years of searching, using other side scan systems and sophisticated measuring devices, it took WESMAR Side Scan Sonar only 11.5 minutes to resolve the question of where the wreck resided.

"The WESMAR image was so clear we could see the stern, the paddle hubs and could even see the damage from the sinking," said James Wadsley, principal in Deep Sea Research LLC. "WESMAR's Side Scan Sonar is lightweight and inexpensive in comparison to some of the equipment we can't be beat."

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