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ZF Marine Electronic Engine Controls
formerly Mathers Marine Engine Controls
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"ZF Mathers High Performance Marine Engine
Controls Save Time, Money, and Hassles!"

Why are so many boat owners switching to ZF Mathers? Simple . . .

  • Precise Instant Response!

  • Lower Maintenance Costs!

  • Lower Installation Costs!

  • More Accurate Control!

  • Reduces Wear on Equipment!

  • Trouble Free Operation!

ZF Marine Electronics / Mathers History

ZF Marine Electronics, formerly Mathers Controls, introduced the industry's first single lever control over 50 years ago, and has been the leader in electronic engine controls for marine vessels, yachts, and pleasure boats ever since. The Mathers MicroCommander system has been the leader of electronic control systems for years, from the early model numbers MMC 42, 314, 460, 580, 580-2, 585, 585CE, and now the new 9000 series. The other premium ZF Marine Electronics systems currently available are ClearCommand, CruiseCommand, SmartCommand, and MiniCommand.

Why ZF Mathers Electronic Controls?

ZF Mathers' electronic controls provide a degree of control, safety and ease of operation previously unimaginable! From a simple electronic engine speed/direction control for pleasure craft, to a complex system of engine synchronization, shaft brakes, fuel management and dynamic GPS positioning for larger commercial craft. (see applications below)

ZF Mathers Electronic Boat Controls Feature:

  • Engine Synchronization!
  • Single Lever Control for Shift and Speed!
  • HIgh Tech LCD Monitoring!
  • Push Button Setup!
  • Multiple Station Capability!
  • Easy Station Transfer!
  • Neutral Start Interlock!
  • Speed/Shift Sequence Protection!
  • Plug-In Installation!
  • Two Year PleasureCraft Warranty!
  • Many More Options!

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ZF Mathers Products and Applications

Control Heads

Various Styles and shapes for use with all of the ZF Marine Mathers control systems.

Standard, Euro, and Palm Beach Style Levers for use with MiniCommand, MIcroCommand, ClearCommand, SmartCommand, and CruiseCommand.


Vessels with Mechanical Throttle and Mechanical Shift

This system features precise single lever electronic control, engine synchronization, LED technology, and multiple station capability.


Vessels with one mechanical requirement (throttle or shift) and one electronic requirement (throttle or shift).

ClearCommand adapts the benefits of MicroCommander to engine applications with various input requirements. These units are available with Throttle, Shift, & Troll capabilities.


Vessels with electronic engines and solenoid shift transmissions.

CruiseCommand is an all electronic engine control with LED technology and many features including plug in connections. Cruise Command systems are preprogrammed at the factory for ease of installation.


A new control system using the latest CANBUS technology and an innovative Control Head for All Electronic Engines.

SmartCommand is an all electronic engine control system with CANBUS technology. SmartCommand puts you into control with EasiDock, Troll, Warmup Mode, and Single-Lever Operation.


Vessels up to 50' in length with a maximum of two control stations.

MiniCommand is a reasonably priced control system having features of control systems costing significantly more.


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Also Available for Electronic Controls:

  • Handheld Remote Control Unit - for ZF Mathers Electronic Engine Control Systems. A 25' cable allows the user to move freely while retaining control of engine speed, direction and emergency stopping
  • Troll Actuator - Interface allows clutch to slip for lower vessel speeds while fishing and maneuvering
  • Electronic Fuel Management - easier started, improved fuel efficiency and higher output - works with ZF Mathers Controls and other electronic and pneumatic input.

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