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Glendinning Marine Engine Controls & Marine Products
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"Glendinning Marine Products make boating more fun!"

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  • CableMaster Systems

  • HoseMaster Systems

  • Electronic Marine Engine Controls

  • NW Marine Engine Control Cables

  • Automatic Marine Engine Synchronizer

Why Glendinning?

Glendinning electronic controls and marine systems are designed to provide a degree of control, safety, and ease of operation! That is why they say:

" Relax......We're on Board!"

Glendinning Products and Applications

Glendinning Cablemaster
Glendinning CableMaster

Glendinning CableMaster Systems simplify the task of hooking and unhooking shore power cords of all sizes. The CableMaster is an electrically operated power cord reel that effortlessly extends, retracts, and stores your boat's shore power cable into a designated area below deck with the flip of a switch. With the CableMaster, cable lengths of 50 to 100 feet (or longer) are commonly used. With the optional radio remote control, you can simplify the one person operation from a distance of 75 feet.

Glendinning Hosemaster
Glendinning HoseMaster

Glendinning HoseMaster holds up to 75 feet of 5/8 waterhose and has easy manual pullout which means no "Tug-Of-War" as with spring loaded rolls. With the push of a button, the hose is retracted and stored! The HoseMaster's strainless steel design is made to withstand the harsh marine environment.

Glendinning Marine Engine Controls
Glendinning Marine Engine Controls

Glendinning Marine Electronic Engine Controls offer state of the art technology for all types of marine engines applications, including cable driven systems, electronic engines, or a combination of both.


  • CANBUS Technology - simplifies wiring and allows greater flexibility when adding control stations.

  • Control System Configuration - adjustments can be done from the main station control head keypad making it easy to adjust settings.

  • Single Level Control

  • Posi-Lock

  • Selectable Station Transfer

  • Station Lockout

  • Adjustable High Speed Setting

  • Control Head Keypad Light Dimmer

  • Dual Battery Inputs

  • Option Backup Control

  • Optional Handheld Remote

Glendinning marine engine control cables
Glendinning NW Control Cables

Glendinning NW Push-Pull Control Cables are manufactured to meet or exceed the demanding standards set by the marine industry. Armored stainless steel core design provides lasting flexibility and strength. The specially designed cable inner liner reduces friction, drag, and lost motion resulting in greater efficiency. They are engineered to exceed ABYC, SAE, and ASTM standards.

Glendinning marine engine synchronizer
Glendinning Automatic Marine Engine Synchronizer

The Glendinning Automatic Marine Engine Synchronizer has been the industry standard for automatic twin engine synchronization for over 30 years. Engine Synchronization is vital on twin engine boats, not only for the purpose of increased efficiency, but also to eliminate the annoying noise and vibration caused by engines operating at different speeds. When activated, the Automatic Synchronizer will adjust the speed of the slave engine to exactly match the lead engine speed. The result is that the boat operator can control the speed of both engines by merely adjusting the speed of the lead engine.

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