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MYCELX Stormwater Filter
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"MYCELX Stormwater Treatment Systems Instantly Remove Pollutants from Parking Lot Runoff!"

Removes Pollutants that can seriously damage water resources. Clears effluent of:

  • Visible Sheen

  • Oils and Gasoline

  • Diesel Fuels

  • Transmission Fluids

  • and Chlorinated Solvents

MYCELX vs. Competition (see the difference!)   -   Technical Data and Specs

MYCELX Stormwater Treatment Systems:

  • Are Effective on ALL Hydrocarbons

  • Remove Oil and Gasoline Sheen

  • Are Perfect for Parking Lots and Heavy Use Areas

  • Can be used in Plants, Factories and Industrial Applications

  • Have 100% Effective, Easy to Change Filter Materials

  • Are Compact, Versatile and Environmentally Friendly

Compact, Versatile and 99% Efficient!

MYCELX filters use the patented MYCELX technology to remove hydrocarbons, ranging from oil and gasoline, to transmission fluids out of parking lot runoff in a single pass. These filtration systems were developed to be easily installed in parking lot drainage basins, but they also work well in factory and industrial environments.

For parking lot runoff, they are designed to be used in conjunction with an easy to assemble gutter system to catch the "first flush" of rain water off the parking lot that contains the highest concentration of hydrocarbon pollutants. And at only about the size of a 1' cube, they'll fit just about anywhere! Contact us about MYCELX Stormwater Filtration Systems!

Why MYCELX Stormwater Filters Make
All Other Products Obsolete!

The reason MYCELX works so well is because the patented MYCELX technology is "light years" beyond any other product!

MYCELX vs. Air Strippers vs. Activated Carbon (Click picture to enlarge)

Stormwater Comparison.gif (17187 bytes)

Air Strippers - 2% Efficient. Air Stripper technology has been around since the beginning of time - it's called "evaporation." By increasing the area of exposure, air strippers allow the volatile organics to evaporate out of the runoff. The problem with this is that it only works well on volatile pollutants and does not work for PCB's, MTBE, Oils and other common pollutants that threaten our environment.

Activated Carbon - 5% Efficient. Activated Carbon technology has been around for decades, and it's not much better than Air Strippers. As water solubility increases, adsorption to carbon decreases. Carbon filters are totally ineffective and inefficient in removing many common pollutants like MC and MTBE.

MYCELX Stormwater Treatment Systems - 99% Efficient! MYCELX uses a totally *NEW* approach by applying highly advanced, patented chemistry to various substrates. Pollutants instantly bond to MYCELX treated surfaces. Once bonded, they will not sink, separate, weather, or emulsify!

MYCELX chemistry is 100% effective for treating MTBE, Alkanes, Alkenes, Cycloalkanes, Aromatic Hydrocarbons, Crude Oils, Tallow and other animal fats, Vegetable Oils, Complex organics, monomers & polymers, Heavy Metals, PCB’s, Ethoxylated Glycols and Phenolics. It's absolutely Revolutionary!

Contact us about MYCELX Stormwater Treatment Systems!

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Technical Data and Specifications:

Stormwater Filter Specifications

Capacity: 15 Pounds of Oil Pollutant
Filter Media: MYCELX SilaKleen/Viscochips
pH Range: Standard pH Operating Range: 4-11
Max Flow: 50 gpm
Outside Dimensions: Approx 12-3/8" x 12-3/8" x 12-5/16" high
Outlet Size: Adapts to 3" and 4" Drain Pipe
Load Rating: Class B - 81-175 psi loads, medium duty, pneumatic tires @ speeds less than 25 mph.

Contact Us About MYCELX Stormwater Treatment Systems!

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Also Available - Eliminate Oily Compressor Condensate With CompressorKleen™:
  • Simple, Easy, Automatic
  • Prevents Oil From Escaping Down Drain
  • Stops Unnecessary Hydrocarbon Pollution
  • Quick Connect Hose for Easy Installation
  • Environmentally Friendly!

For use only with MYCELX infused filter cartridges

Contact Us About MYCELX Filtration Systems!

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Also available PowerSolve - A Totally Safe, Non-Toxic, Biodegradable solvent dissolves asphalt, crude oil, sap, tar, and a lot more!

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