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Perfect Filtration
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"The Filter that Cleaned the Fuel for
Tomahawk Cruise Missiles Can Save YOU
a Fortune in Maintenance Costs!"

That's right! The same space age technology used to clean fuel for Tomahawk Cruise Missiles can clean your fluids too! Perfect Filtration removes contaminants to less than 1 Micron in size!

What does it mean to you?

  • Savings of 50% or MORE on fluid costs!

  • Substantially increased equipment/engine life!

  • 50,000 to 100,000 miles on an oil change possible!

  • Greatly reduced maintenance costs!

Industrial Filters from Perfect Filtration

Hydraulic Filtration - Use Hydraulic oils almost indefinitely and save a fortune on system repairs and maintenance! Oil Filtration - Oil gets dirty long before it "wears out" - get up to 10 times the life from your lubricating oil!
Fuel/Water Separators/Filters - Remove the water and contaminants that cause 95% of injector and pump failure! Air Filter/Dryer - Clean air is a must for all paint guns, air tools, etc., to prevent damage and save you money!
Portable Filtration Systems - Filter when and where you need it - reclaim a wide variety of fluids for reuse - save on disposal and purchase costs! Coolant Filtration - Get much more life from your machine coolants by keeping them much cleaner - greatly reduced replacement/disposal costs!

Test Results Testimonials Photos
New Oil vs. Perfect Filtration Filtered Oil - You'll be Shocked by the results! See how a Chevrolet went 118,000 miles on the same oil (and was still going strong)! See photos of actual Perfect Filtration Systems in use saving people money!

"System Fluids Get 'Dirty' Long Before They 'Wear Out' - Most Filters
Simply Don't Clean Them Effectively - Filtering to Less Than 5 Microns
is the Key to Extending Equipment and Fluid Life"

Contamination of 5 microns or less in size causes most wear related failures, yet most filters don't even come close filtering contamination in this range. The problem is that most factory type filters are a compromise at best. They must allow enough flow to supply the required fluids without too much restriction, which means they are usually fairly course.

For example, typical pleated paper automotive oil filters have difficulty filtering particles less than 40 microns in size (over half the size of a human hair).

While a particle of 40 microns can do considerable damage, tests have proven that the wear that causes reduced performance and the need for overhaul is caused by particles in the 1 micron (or less) range.

Full flow filters don't come close to filtering to this level, greatly reducing the life of your fluids and equipment. (See Exhibits A and B) 

(Notice the tremendous difference between a 40 and a 1 micron particle in this comparison)

 Exhibit A - Contamination and Wear
 in An 8 Cylinder Auto Engine

"Particulate contaminant (1 micron and smaller) is a contributing factor to wear in valve lifters. Standard full flow filters do not remove 1 micron particles and thus do not adequately protect against wear-causing particles . . . Filters must be capable of dealing with particles 1 micron and smaller to control wear."

SAE Paper No. 65086, November 1965 by P.D. Pfeifer and F.T. Finnigan, Pure Oil Co., Division of Union Oil Co. of CA.

Exhibit B - Reduction of Engine Piston Ring
Wear Through Finer Filtration

"Filtering the used oil through a 5 micron filter did not significantly reduce the wear rate: however, when the used oil was filtered through a 1 micron filter, there was a significant reduction."

SAE Paper No. 660081, January 1966 by J.A. DenBesten, E.G. Leverenz, and C.M. Bloom, International Harvester Co.

The evidence is clear - filtering to 1 micron or less is a MUST for maximum performance and life from your engine or equipment! Perfect Filtration's ULTIMATE filtration systems do just that, ensuring you the maximum service life of your fluids, engines and equipment, and the lowest maintenance costs possible!

Hydraulics, internal combustion engines, machinery and more - Perfect Filtration Systems offer you the ultimate in protection!

Test Results - New Oil vs. Perfect Filters!

HOW CLEAN IS CLEAN? Note that these tests were performed on NEW OIL! If these filters can clean up NEW oil this well, just imagine what they can do for your dirty used fluids!
Oil Tested Total Particles 5-10 micron 11-25 micron 26-50 micron 51-100 micron 100+ micron
New Oil 147,388 128,080 13,436 4,543 1,111 218
After Filtering 60 59 0 1 0 0
New Oil 42,233 36,468 2,807 709 227 2,022
After Filtering 30 28 1 1 0 0

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