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"Perfect Filtration WILL Save You Money,
Time and Hassles . . . GUARANTEED!"

(testimonials and Perfect Filtration performance examples)

Proof of ALL examples and testimonials shown here are on file at either CMI or Perfect Filtration Corporate Offices.


Lubricating Oil   -   Hydraulic Oil   -   Engine Oil

Performance Examples
PFS Cleans Tomahawk Missile Fuel! PFS Saves Fire Trucks!
19,000 Hours Before Oil Change! 11 Years With No Engine Repairs!
Backhoe Fuel Problems Eliminated! 118,000 On Chevy Without Oil Change!
Manufacturer Saves $770,000/year! 1149% Saving of Compressor Oil!

Test Results

Brand New Oil vs. Perfect Filtration Filtered Oil!

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Lubricating Oil Filtration:

"Over 2 years and the oil analysis shows the oil is still clean in our compressors. WHAT A FILTER!"

Hydraulic Oil Filtration:(back)

"The contaminants dropped from 2,907,400 to 19,056 in the 5-10 micron size and from 415,600 to 9,296 in the 10-25 micron size in just 4 weeks after we had the ULTIMATE SYSTEM installed on our HRB Baler. We have them on everything now."

Hydraulic Oil Filtration: (back)

"The water had all disappeared within a few hours from the hydraulic oil at our car wash. IT DOES EVERYTHING WE WERE TOLD IT WOULD DO."

Hydraulic Oil Filtration: (back)

"After seeing how the dirt and water disappeared from the oil in our Aquamarine hydraulic system, I had a unit installed on my engine oil also. WHAT A PRODUCT!"

Hydraulic Oil Filtration: (back)

"I hate to think of what our maintenance costs would have been since 1989 if we were still doing maintenance like we used to." 

"Oil tests have shown the oil to stay "cleaner than new" oil in our hydraulic systems . . . We have not had the seal leakage problems that we were having prior to the use of your filters."

"Thank you, again for introducing me to the ULTIMATE products as they did cut our costs far more than I could have expected."

John Salas - Acre Iron and Metal

Engine Oil Filtration: (back)

"In 1986 when the decision was made to try one of your filters I thought the Mack would be a good one to try it on as we were doing the lower ends in less than 100,000 miles . . . Since using what truly is "the Ultimate in Filtration" we've not been into any of the engines"

"I had one truck that always used more oil than the other Macks. However, after installing the filter on it and running it long enough to get the oil and engine cleaned up the oil consumption dropped back in line with the other trucks. This convinced me that the oil was not worn out in the 10,000 miles but was dirty and allowed the oil to go past the rings."

"Since seeing what the filters have done on my trucks I have installed them on the logging equipment in the woods also."

"Thank you for introducing me to an honest product that requires such a minimal amount of service yet does so much."

Don Whitfield - DL Whitfield Logging

Performance Examples

Tomahawk Cruise Missile:

Fuel delivered from the normal government supplier showed contamination 1.25 milligrams per liter over the set limit of 2 milligrams per liter. PFS was called in to "clean up the fuel" and one pass through did the job! This is the same type and quality of filter used to filter our customers' fluids!

PFS Saves Fire Trucks: (back)

PFS filters were installed on the diesel pump for the town of Davie, Florida. Two days later, as fire trucks were being refueled, very little fuel was flowing from the pump. Upon investigation, it was discovered that a water leak had developed and contaminated the fuel in the main storage tank.

Since water cannot pass through the PFS filters, only a very small quantity of diesel fuel was passing through. If the filters had not been installed, the fire trucks would have been filled with water contaminated diesel fuel. Had they attempted to operate the fire trucks with the contaminated fuel, it could have required the engines to be overhauled.

19,000 Hours before Oil Change: (back)

A diesel loader using PFS filters is being used 20 hours per day in a heavily contaminated cement manufacturing plant. Through checking the need to change oil by "independent oil analysis," only after operating 20 hours per day for 19,000 hours (or 2.6 years later) did the oil require changing due to an internal fuel leak.

Who knows, if the internal fuel leak had not occurred, the oil still may not have needed to be changed!

11 Years With No Engine Repairs: (back)

A salvage yard had PFS filters installed on their crushers and front end loaders in 1981. As of March, 1992 - 11 years later - no internal engine repairs have been done on any equipment using PFS filters!!!

Backhoe Fuel Problems Eliminated: (back)

A PFS fuel filter/water separator was installed on a backhoe owned by a construction leasing company because of "frequent breakdowns and costly down time" in February , 1991. As of March, 1992 (13 months later) there have been no more "pump or injector problems" and the PFS filter has only required changing one time . . . preventative maintenance DOES NOT COST - IT PAYS!

1980 Chevrolet Citation - 118,000 Miles Later, Still No Oil Changes: (back)

PFS oil filters were installed when new. 118,000 miles later oil consumption is one quart every 3,000-3,500 miles and gas mileage is virtually unchanged at 18 mpg city and 26 mpg highway - the same as new! Management by oil analysis PAYS!

Manufacturer Saves $770,000/Year on Cutting Fluid Costs: (back)

Textron, a manufacturer which produces fan blades for NASA's missile turbines utilizes many metal cutting machines. Extremely clean cutting fluids are a must for the turbines in order to meet government specifications. PFS filtration systems were installed to recycle the used cutting oil.

Now it is no longer necessary to dispose of costly hazardous waste, since they no longer produce it. Further, no more reports or records need to be completed or kept, which took valuable administrative time. The annual saving is over $770,000!

An Amazing 1149% of Compressor Oil: (back)

A refrigeration warehouse using a PFS portable filter unit to recycle special compressor oil was purchasing 55 gallons every four to five weeks - 11 to 12 drums per year. Thirteen months later, one 55 gallon drum of compressor oil was purchased.

Result: A saving of 12.6 - 55 gallon drums in 13 months. An amazing 1149% saving of compressor oil, or $5,000 plus disposal costs!

Test Results - New Oil vs. Perfect Filters! (back)

HOW CLEAN IS CLEAN? Note that these tests were performed on NEW OIL! If these filters can clean up NEW oil this well, just imagine what they can do for your dirty used fluids!
Oil Tested Total Particles 5-10 micron 11-25 micron 26-50 micron 51-100 micron 100+ micron
New Oil 147,388 128,080 13,436 4,543 1,111 218
After Filtering 60 59 0 1 0 0
New Oil 42,233 36,468 2,807 709 227 2,022
After Filtering 30 28 1 1 0 0

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