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RCI Fuel Purifiers
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"The Permanent Solution to Diesel Fuel Purification!"

Introducing the RCI Diesel Fuel Purifier!

  • NO Moving Parts to Break!

  • NO Elements to Replace!

  • Removes 99% of the water and 95%-98% of other contamination commonly found in fuel!

  • Extends Engine Life and Reduces Emissions!

  • Wide Range of Uses (including Marine)!

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The RCI Diesel Fuel Purifier Line Includes:

RCI Fuel Purifiers

These compact Fuel Purifiers work well for for virtually any application, on vehicles as well as at the supply pumps.

RCI Water Sensor

The RCI Water Sensor takes away all the worry! This optional kit (available for most units) sounds an audio and a visual alarm so there's no guesswork on your part. When it's time to drain the water, it'll let you know!

RCI Marine Diesel Purifiers

The stainless steel construction of these compact Diesel Fuel Purifiers make them perfect for marine applications.

Portable Purification Units
Purification when and where you need it most! These units are effective for treating large tanks and many other applications!

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Contact Us About RCI Purifiers!

Water Contaminated Fuel is the Primary Cause of Fuel
Pump and Injector Problems in Diesel Engines

Water and contaminants have a direct impact on the service life and performance of diesel engines. Besides decreasing engine life (water and contaminants are abrasive to fuel system and engine components), water can seriously damage engine components and drastically increase down time and maintenance costs. Unfortunately, there is no way to prevent water from contaminating fuel (condensation is constantly formed during transport and storage).

There IS a Simple, Permanent Solution - A
Whole New Approach to Fuel Filtration!

Factory filters remove little if any of the water in fuel systems, yet water is the primary cause of fuel pump and injector failure. In addition, they have elements which can clog and leave you stranded, not to mention the headaches of having to constantly change filter elements.

The RCI Fuel Purifier uses a well known technology, centrifugal force, to remove the water and contamination resulting in increased primary fuel filter life, lower maintenance costs, and longer life from your engine!

And as if saving money, time and maintenance headaches weren't enough, 1991 lab tests also showed a significant reduction in exhaust emissions!

  • 17.3% reduction in Smoke Emissions!

  • 10.4% reduction in Carbon Monoxide Emissions!

  • 5.9% reduction in Nitrogen Oxide Emissions!

RCI Diesel Fuel Purification System Benefits:

  • Compact enough to fit in nearly any location

  • Purify from 0.5 to 240 gallons per minute! (depending on the model)

  • Removes ALL particles with a density greater than that of the fuel

  • Can be used in virtually any application including MARINE

  • Water sensors available to alert you that the water needs to be drained


  • Drain and Vent ports Included

  • Fuel Preheating Element available

  • Portable unit available for cleaning tanks, etc

  • Wide variety of available sizes (perfect for use in vehicles, boats, to clean fuel storage tanks, for use in fuel transport and other applications)

But don't take our word for it! Check out these . . .

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