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"RCI Diesel Fuel Purification is the Simple,
Permanent Solution to Fuel Contamination!"

(Testimonials from RCI Diesel Fuel Purifier Users!)

ALL testimonials used here are on file at either CMI's Corporate Office or with RCI Purifier. These represent only a small fraction of RCI users - see "Who Uses RCI Purifiers?" for a list of people you're sure to recognize!

California DOT - RCI eliminates fuel problems on trucks and equipment SKS, Inc. - RCI eliminates fuel problems at diesel fuel pumps
Laidlaw Transit, Inc. - RCI eliminates fuel problems for bus fleet (at pump) GTE Telephone - RCI saves money on emergency generator filters
US Department of Veterans Affairs - RCI fixes water problem in large fuel tank Standard - RCI removes tank debris and extends filter life on mixer trucks

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California Department of Transportation (Truck Filters): 

Working in hot dusty construction areas and cold winter conditions had been causing Cal Trans serious condensation and contamination problems, resulting in delays and slowdowns due to filter clogging. Here's what they had to say after trying RCI Fuel Purifiers!

"As a test we purchased and installed an RCI Fuel Purifier, Model RC 400-E, on one of our snow plows. Our fuel problem disappeared. We continue to be surprised at the amount of water and other contaminants this unit consistently removes from the fuel system . . .

We recently purchased a supply of RCI Fuel Purifiers. These Purifiers are now in stock. As our mechanics service the other trucks and equipment in our district, we intend to install the RCI Fuel Purifier." (back)

SKS, Inc. (Diesel Fuel Pumps):
(click picture to enlarge)

RCI Purifiers are saving money for SKS, Inc. They also purified a load of contaminated fuel for them recently and have eliminated customer complaints about contaminated fuel! Here's what they had to say about RCI Fuel Purifiers!

"About a year ago we purchased our first RCI Diesel Fuel Purifier. Since then we have purchased fourteen RC 1000-L and two RCI 1500-P Purifiers . . . we are now specifying RCI Purifiers on all diesel pumps in new facilities we are planning. Presently RCI Purifiers are responsible for cleaning over 50,000 gallons of diesel fuel per month.

Prior to the installation of the RCI purifiers we were replacing filters on our diesel dispenser pumps at least once and often twice a month. We estimate our filter savings alone at well over $275.00 per month and that's without considering labor cost for replacement and hazardous waste cost for disposal.

Several months ago we received a load of contaminated fuel. The samples we pulled looked like milk, even after setting for a week. We pumped this fuel through the RCI Purifier and the fuel dispensed from the purifier was crystal clear. In the year these purifiers have been installed we have had no customer complaints or problems." (back)

LAIDLAW TRANSIT, INC. (Bus Fleet Fuel Pump):
(click picture to enlarge)

RCI Purifiers are saving money, eliminating delays at the pump and clogged filters for LAIDLAW TRANSIT, INC. Here's what they had to say about RCI Fuel Purifiers!

"Since we have 122 buses in our fleet and are pumping approximately 5,000 gallons of fuel per night, we were using between 3 and 5 fuel filters on our pumps every week to remove the water and contaminants. However, not only were we still experiencing problems with our fuel but it was costing us approximately $200/per month on filters for the pumps.

 . . . We heard about the RCI Diesel Fuel Purifier and decided to try it on one of our fuel pumps. We removed the fuel filter, installed the RCI Purifier and are extremely happy with the results. In fact, we are so happy we just purchased another RCI Purifier and will be replacing all the fuel filters on our pumps with RCI Purifiers.

Furthermore, not only are our drivers not experiencing problems with clogged filters and delays at the pump but the purifier is producing good, clean fuel for their buses. They love it! . . . If you use diesel fuel, the RCI Diesel Fuel Purifier is your best friend. We highly recommend it!" (back)

GTE Telephone Operations (emergency generator):
(click picture to enlarge)

After a maintenance budget reduction, they had to find ways to cut costs but still provide a dependable emergency system. RCI Fuel Purifiers extended filter life by 50%, saving them money on filters and disposal costs. Here's what they had to say about RCI Fuel Purifiers!

"At GTE we use the purifier on our emergency generators of which we have approximately 380 in California. The reason we started using the unit was because our maintenance budget was reduced. We had to find ways to cut back our costs while at the same time continue to provide a good emergency system at all of our locations . . . We were changing our filters once every 12 months by using the RCI Purifier we have been able to extend this to once every 18 months . . . With the RCI Purifier our filter disposal costs have been reduced. The purifiers have worked very well for us, when we install new generators they are all equipped with the product." (back)

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (Fuel Tank):
(click picture to enlarge)

RCI Purifiers eliminates a serious water problem in a 6,000 gallon above ground tank - removing 2-1/2 gallons of water in the first 20 minutes! Here's what they had to say about RCI Fuel Purifiers!

"A little over a month ago we had our tank cleaned. The company hired to do the cleaning was concerned about the amount of water contained in our fuel. They suggested we contact the RCI people.

Our tank is a vertically mounted 6,000 gallon, above ground tank. It is located on the south east side of our building, right in the morning sun. Our personnel installed and plumbed a platform mounted RC 1500-P unit so that we could circulate fuel from our tank, through the RCI Purifier and back into the tank, as well as making sure all fuel we were actually using went through the RCI unit before it went to our boilers.

 . . . Once we were sure all the air was removed, we turned on our circulating pump, which moves at least 40 gallons of fuel per minute.

Within the first 20 minutes the RCI Purifier removed 2-1/2 gallons of water from our fuel. Remember, this was less than two months after we paid $1,600, to have our tank cleaned.

Water has been a regular problem for us, especially since we began using Amber 363 Lonox oil. It looks like the RCI Purifier just took care of that." (back)

Standard (Transit Mix Trucks and Storage Tank):

(click picture to enlarge)

RCI Purifiers are eliminating fuel contamination problems in storage tanks and on their trucks - extending filter life by at least 4 times, improving performance and saving them money. Here's what Standard had to say about RCI Fuel Purifiers!

"We installed our first RCI Purifier on an old steel fuel tank at our El Toro, California facility. Because of its age there is quite a large amount of rust and other debris in this tank. These contaminants were causing our trucks to lose power and experience frequent fuel filter clogging problems.

We installed the RCI Fuel Purifier on that tank over a year ago. That Purifier continues to trap rust and other contaminants which had been getting into the tanks of our transit mix trucks. Since we installed the Purifier, we have reduced our filter replacements, our trucks do not lose power, and the fuel system remains clean.

After experiencing such favorable results at the El Toro location we decided to test another Purifier at our Corona yard, where we had been changing two filters per truck every sixty days. We cannot afford any breakdowns. We installed an RC 400-E Purifier on a truck and did not change the existing filters. Seven months later that truck continues in daily service with no performance loss and no filter change.

This test has proven to us we can extend our filter changes by at least four times. We estimate our filter and labor costs at $30.00 to $40.00 per change and believe the installation of a Purifier equates to an average savings of $120.00 to $180.00 per truck, per year. In addition, since we were previously disposing of about a 1/2 gallon of fuel per filter change, use of the RCI Purifier will result in a considerable reduction in our hazardous waste volume and disposal cost. 

In view of the continued performance we received from the Purifier and these annual savings, we are currently equipping a larger portion of our fleet with the RCI Fuel Purifier." (back)

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