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Filtration Products
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"Whether You're Reclaiming Used Fluids, Extending the Life of Your Equipment, or Cleaning up an Oil Spill, CMI has the Right Product for the Job!

Environmental Protection Industrial Fluid Filtration Engine, Trans and Fluid Filtration Marine, Generators and More!

Filtration Products Overview

Decades-old filtration technology and environmental absorbents are costing you money - whether you realize it or not!

If you're still using the decades-old technology that was developed before the computer age, it's without a doubt costing you money.

Starting with environmental products, for a higher initial price, you also get high water drag-out which costs more in disposal costs. Then on to the typical filtration products in use today - the inefficient designs and their inability to filter the contamination that causes most wear and failures, costs individuals and businesses a fortune.

CMI is proud to be able to bring you the latest information on new products that not only outperform (by far) the traditional products, but they can also save you a fortune in time and money! Here's an overview of what today's filtration and contamination control products have to offer!

Filtration and Environmental Products

   Perfect Filtration™

  • Diesel Fuel, Lubricating Oil

  • Transmission and Hydraulic Fluid

  • Machine Coolant and Air Systems

  • Portable Units and Fluid Reclamation

The same filter technology that cleaned fuel for the Tomahawk Cruise Missile! Save 50% OR MORE on oil costs, extend the life of your equipment, increase fuel economy, eliminate or reduce "down time," and use fluids almost indefinitely!  A wide range of sizes to fit virtually any application -you won't believe how much money, time and hassles these high-tech filtration systems can save you (see Photos of Installations and Testimonials)!

See the Perfect Filtration Products!

   RCI Diesel Fuel Purifiers:

  • Purification and Water Separation

  • Centrifugal - No Moving Parts

  • No Cartridges to Replace

  • Saves Money AND Performs Better!

  • Permanent and Portable Units

RCI's centrifugal purifier eliminates water logged filter cartridges, costly downtime, and injector and pump failure due to contaminated fuel! RCI Purifiers perform better AND save a fortune compared to typical fuel filters! Compact units mount just about anywhere (even tight marine applications), and the portable units clean fuel where you need it! You won't believe how much money, time and hassles RCI Purifiers will save you (see Photos of Installations and Testimonials)!

See the RCI Purifier Product Line!

   MYCELX Environmental:

  • Spill Cleanup and Boom Deployment

  • Shoreline/Land/Surface Protection

  • Discharge and Runoff Water Filtration

  • Desalination Unit Protection

  • Crude Oil Solvents and a Lot More!

Patented revolutionary MYCELX can absorb a long list of contaminants including all hydrocarbons, PCB's, MTBE and a lot more with little or no water absorption! The cost can be as low as 3% that of traditional MBPP products and with little or no water drag-out, waste disposal costs are greatly reduced! MCYELX offers a wide range of products from oil and contamination absorption to filtration, oil and grease solvents, to marine products! (Quotes from Recent Articles)

See the Revolutionary MYCELX Products!

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