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electronic controls

ZF Marine / Mathers Electronic Marine Controls

ZF Marine / Mathers revolutionary electronic marine controls save you time, money and hassles. They cost less to install and maintain, and offer greater performance over other systems. For pleasure craft, commercial marine, and industrial applications.

bow thrusters, stabilizers, sonar, stern thrusters, marine hydraulics, wesmar

WESMAR Thrusters, Stabilizers & Sonar

Wesmar offers Bow Thrusters, Stern Thrusters, Stabilizers, Sonar and Marine Hydraulics for marine applications. WESMAR is one of the technology leaders, which explains why so many boat owners choose WESMAR worldwide. New systems are available as well as easy to install retrofit kits to update your outdated components! For pleasure craft, commercial marine and industrial applications.

mermaid marine air conditioners, boat air conditioners, heaters, dehumidifiers, portable electric marine coolers, marine freezers and more

Mermaid Boat Air Conditioners, Dehumidifiers, Ice Makers, and Marine Accessories

Mermaid boat air conditioners, ice makers, and dehumidifiers utilize the highest quality marine grade components to stand up to the most demanding environments. The dehumidifiers are perfect for cabins and RVs too. Easy to install for the "do-it-yourselfer!" For private/commercial boats and other uses!

diesel fuel, oil, hydraulic, air, coolant and portable filters

Perfect Filtration

Space-age filtration technology for lubricating oils, hydraulic fluids, fuels and other fluids provides better performance, longer intervals between fluid changes, less wear on your equipment, and even allows you to reclaim used fluids! For pleasure craft, commercial marine, and industrial applications

diesel fuel purifiers

RCI Diesel Fuel Purifiers

No cartridges to replace makes RCI's compact centrifugal fuel purifiers the perfect solution for water and heavy contamination removal! Perfect as a pre-filter to prevent your primary filter from becoming waterlogged. (For the ultimate in protection use as a pre-filter for Perfect Filtration's Fuel Filter!) For pleasure craft, commercial marine, and industrial applications.

oil spill cleanup and contamination removal

MYCELX Environmental Products

Patented MYCELX technology absorbs oils without absorbing water! MYCELX's absorption, filtration, and solvent products can meet virtually any spill cleanup/control or oil protection need, while saving a fortune over other products! For pleasure craft, commercial marine, and industrial applications

stormwater runoff filtersStormwater Filtration!stormwater filtration 

MYCELX Stormwater filtration systems remove ALL hydrocarbons and a wide range of contaminants from runoff and are 99% efficient while other products are only 2% to 5% efficient. When it really matters, it has to be MYCELX!

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CMI also handles a wide variety of specialty valves, fittings, and other products. If you don't see what you need here, please contact us.

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